Oliver Rotter

Game Designer | Developer



Who am I? Game Designer & Developer based in Vienna, Austria. Experience in a wide range of technical and artistic areas, from software engineering to designing applications and games. Usually standing out for my problem-solving skills and understanding of a widerange of different fields of expertise, as well as natural talent and interest in things.

Every moment,
every thought,
every step...

...has the potential to be the beginning of something great!
Every day there is a chance to learn and to create, whether it is reinnovating something that already exists or bringing something unique into this world.


Areas of Expertise

Creating compelling and interesting Games.

Life is a game and that is great, because we humans love to play. Sometimes life isn´t as balanced as a video game. but that is ok too, because we humans learn to adapt and overcome challanges. That´s why I love designing, creating and playing them. It´s a challange that drives character development.

Developing and testing software applications.

Software development to me is all about solving problems and being open for new solutions.
I worked with a variety of different systems and programming languages.

Connecting two Worlds.

As a creative and analytical Person with a artistical and technical Mind I am fascinated by both spectrums.
Making the connection link between these two is my goal as an technical artist.


System Design

Design compelling game systems that interconnect with each other. Create design documents and specifications outlining game systems and requirements.

Level Design

From concept to composition. Whiteboxing, scripting and playtesting. Designing interesting levels that go hand in hand with the flow of the game.

Iterative Design Thinking

  • Understanding
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Iteration

Game Engines

Unreal Engine 4 - Unity


C#, C++, Python
Html, CSS, JS, Java

DevOps & Testing

Testing and delivering software applications.


Presentation skills, cooperative work, mutual respect - Diploma as Coach & Trainer in adult education with intercultural competence.

Creative Problem Solving

Conceptual approach on tasks or projects. Analytical and creative thinking, as well as persistence in solving problems and creating solutions.

Eager Learner

Learning, as a daily habit. - Autodidactic learner, self-motivated, open mindedness.